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I’m going to sleep! Coming home! Watch a movie!. Get a comfortable environment suited to your needs with just one click. All the lights, blinds, curtains and climate will be set to your liking.

When leaving home, never again will a light or blind be left open by oblivion. With a single command, all systems will be closed and turned off.

The integrated intelligent climate will achieve an unbeatable comfort / energy consumption ratio. The thermostats learn the temperature inertia and our needs, achieving a stable temperature all year round.

Even if you are not at home, a series of lights and blinds will be activated randomly to simulate that the house is not empty. Travel calm.

We are going to automate the most common daily tasks, at 20:00 we turn on the entrance, at 22:00 we lower some blinds … At 07:00 we raise the blinds of the bedroom, but on Sunday NO !.

We give life to your home or business. How about you say it by voice? Lower the blinds on the upper floor! Activate the guests scene! …

Everything under control from one place

KNX is the only standard for the control of homes and buildings. Lighting, blinds, security systems, air conditioning, energy management, audio / video.

New construction and reforms

This technology can be used both in homes and new buildings, as well as adapt to existing conventional facilities.

Guarantee of great brands

Siemens, Schneider, Abb, Jung, Hager and many more, constantly expanding the system with new features and products. A system that will never be obsolete.

Energy efficiency

Reduction of installation costs and energy consumption thanks to an intelligent and efficient control. Flexibility for extensions or changes of functionality.


In the best hands and at the best price

Our company has the experience of more than 15 years and the endorsement of more than 50 projects in operation, including private homes, commercial premises and industrial companies.

We take care of all the installation phases and fully accompany the installer, giving him all the necessary support and training on site. Absolute confidence.

We listen to the customer’s needs and show the possibilities of the system, until we jointly develop the most advantageous solution.